3 of the best places to eat in Prestwich

Dining out in Preswich

Where to eat in Prestwich

Prestwich is a small town 3.3 miles North of Manchester city centre. Situated East of the river Irwell and home to one of the best parks in Greater Manchester, Heaton Park.

Over the past few years, Prestwich Village has become one of the places to be. If you want great bars and fantastic places to eat without the hustle and bustle of Manchester city centre, it is certainly worth checking out. In and around the village’s bars and dining venues is plenty of on-street parking and the odd free car park.

We have taken a look at 3 of the best places to eat in and around Prestwich in 2019. ‘The American’Panama Hatty’s Grill, ‘The Italian’Croma and ‘The dining experience with a difference’Solita.

Panama Hatty’s Grill

Panama Hatty’s is located on a new build precinct next to Croma just behind M&S in the heart of Prestwich village. There is a pay and display car park at the front and on-street parking to the side.

As you walk in you are greeted by a cosy and stylish decor, one that in the Summer months makes you feel relaxed and has summer vibes. Yet come Winter, it makes you feel cosy and warm, somewhere to take shelter from the cold.

They have taken the interior design of the building as seriously as the presentation of their culinary creations. From a wall of mirrors to their vibrant bar, the attention to detail is something to be admired.

On the menu, there is something for everyone, whether you are a Mexican lover who would love to try their ‘Sizzling’ fajitas. Or maybe you’re more of a burger lover; you can get stuck into ‘The Hungry Gaucho’! An amazing burger featuring BBQ pulled pork, crispy bacon, bacon mayo and cheddar cheese!

The bar enables you to wash down their delicious food with a nice cold beverage of your choice. They have cocktails, wine, craft beers, even non-alcoholic frozen cocktails for the designated driver!

Fan of a Sunday roast? Every Sunday from noon until they have no more left, they serve a 2-course roast for £14.95 – well worth being part of!

To book: 0161 773 8150, Unit 2, The Radius, Fairfax Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1AY.


As far as pizza restaurants go Croma is up there with the best. From the second you step inside you get the feeling things are done a little differently here. You’re not entering a chain restaurant, nor an authentic quaint Italian. Instead, you are met with glass, modern design, amazing food and a generally really nice atmosphere.

The glass is a big part of the building from the walls being made of it, giving a view of the side street and fresh looking precinct out front. In addition, it is used on the upper level to create a very open plan experience. The best seats in the house are definitely upstairs, but as with any seat in Croma, you need to get in fast. If you are looking for a weekend booking you will need to book in advance as it fills up quickly. A weeknight you may be lucky and manage to grab a last minute table.

The menu offers a selection of pasta and salads, but the main event without a doubt has to be their fantastic gourmet pizza selection. From peppered rump steak to an oyster, they have got you covered, just reading the menu gets you hungry and ready to make a reservation.

When you go it is worth saving yourself for the full three courses, my personal favourite is the dough balls, they are hot, light and when dipped in the accompanying garlic butter they leave you wanting more.

Manchester Skyline

If wine, beer, or cocktails are up your street they have you covered, with a large selection to keep most alcohol lovers happy. If ale is your thing, may I suggest the Manchester Skyline Golden Ale, this locally brewed beer is well worth a taste!

When it comes to dessert they have something for everyone, whether you are feeling like a light dessert such as ice cream after your other two courses. Or maybe your fancying going right in there with a piping hot chocolate fudge cake. Personally, I went for the chocolate and toffee sundae. Not too sickly, but full of the right amount of sugary goodness!

When it comes to price, it’s not the cheapest place to dine against other pizza restaurants. But when you take into account the beautiful setting, amazing food and the general vibe from the place I wouldn’t think twice about going. There are a lot of offers to be had including early bird and lunch offers.

To book: 0161 798 7666, 30 Longfield Centre, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1AY.


You see the issue I have with Solita is they create the most amazing of creations, something you fall in love with and then take them from you like someone has stolen your favourite book!

My first dining experience at Solita wasn’t much after they opened their Prestwich branch, around late 2015, early 2016. I remember looking through the menu, wishing I had not eaten for the past two days. There was so much choice, so much choice of things that sounded out of this world, that HAD to be tasted! I settled on bacon and cheese sandwiched between two southern fried chicken breasts. Ok, I know KFC sell this from time to time (The Double Down Burger), but Solita did it first (to my knowledge) and believe me it blows the KFC one out of the water!

There are a few things you should know about Solita, the food isn’t the healthiest you will have ever had, not worth a visit if you are in the middle of the latest fad diet. You will order more food than the average army could digest in one sitting. You will want to return weekly and you will arrive the next time annoyed that your favourite menu item has been replaced.

How many times do we return to our favourite restaurants though and end up buying the same thing over and over? We know it, we love it and so it’s a safe bet. Solita takes that comfort blanket away and brings a little hostility into the mix. It keeps things fresh and means everytime you find something even better than your last visit.

If I had to recommend two things on the menu (current as of January 2019) which may not be there if you are reading this in February!!! It would have to be a side of halloumi fries, it doesn’t’ matter what on the menu you are ordering these are a must. Even if you are ordering a halloumi burger, these fries are a statutory requirement. They beat the standard where restaurants cut up halloumi into a chip-shaped object hands down!

Secondly, if you like spicy, when I say spicy I mean if you can really handle the heat, not just someone who likes a pub-chain quality vindaloo. Then these bad boys are for you, they are aptly called, “Cry for Help” I am a spice fan, but these wings will blow your mind. If you’re not sure I’d maybe ask for the sauce to be on the side for dipping purposes. But if you are up for the challenge, get them doused in it and dig in!

Desserts are available, again equally as fattening as the starters and mains. But to be honest with you, if you are anything like me and my friends by the time you have totally over-faced yourself with a starter and main course, dessert isn’t even on your radar. One thing that is worth considering as the dessert does taste so amazing, is getting it as takeout.

To book: 0161 710 2884, 401 Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1AA.

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