Best Bottomless Brunch Spots

Best bottomless brunch spots

Best bottomless brunch spots to celebrate the end of dry January

Many people make New Year’s resolutions with their health, diet and fitness in mind. The realists among us know we don’t have the staying power and forever seems an awfully long time to forego a tipple. Hence the rise of dry January.

This is helped along by the excess of the festive period. After a month of eating mince pies and justifying every pre 5 pm drink with ‘but it is Christmas!’ and coupled with the fact that after seeing every friend and family member in an intense 10-day stretch, we just don’t want to be social for a strong four weeks. The worst month of the year is behind us, and people are feeling refreshed with their January pay cheque and month of alcohol abstinence, so what better way to celebrate than a thoroughly boozy brunch?

Bottomless brunch is a great way to justify a glass or two at 11 am – and everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So where can you and your friends shake off your January blues with fizz and a fancy fry up?

Neighbourhood Restaurant

Tradition and class combine with unlimited prosecco, seasonal cocktails and Bloody Mary’s at Neighbourhood Restaurant. You have an hour and a half to pick over a beautifully presented breakfast and catch up post-hibernation. The menu caters to those who are looking for something to soak up the alcohol as well as people looking for a lighter option (no New Year’s Resolutions have to be broken). Neighbourhood is located in the centre in Spinningfields and a bottomless brunch there is a great place to start off for a day of catching up.


If you really want to indulge after a month of comfort food, there is no other place than Gaucho. The beautiful interior makes you glad you got out of your pj’s and left Netflix behind for the day. The Electro Brunch is perfect for the meat minded (though there are vegetarian options) and the ‘bottomless’ options include a couple of different Bloody Mary’s, Spritz and sparkling wine as well as a Pilsner. We definitely recommend the Gaucho Benedict and as a nice touch, they also have brunch desserts – because the only thing that could make brunch better is multiple courses!

Peter Street Kitchen

Step out of your comfort zone and into the contemporary Japanese and Mexican small plates dining that is Peter Street Kitchen. It is on the pricier side, but the brunch is kicked off with a signature Japanese-style cocktail and the prosecco, wine or champagne is kept flowing. There is live entertainment, but the star of the show is most definitely the food. The sceptics are silenced as soon as it reaches your lips and daring dishes like Sake and Eggs are show stoppers. The other area that Peter Street Kitchen is renowned for is the service, nothing is too much trouble and you will leave feeling thoroughly pampered.


This may not be one for the diet conscious, but after a night on the town, when all you want to do is consume carbs, Manahatta will become your Mecca. Some dishes have come straight from our childhood dreams (like ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’ – a bubble waffle with Nutella, toasted hazelnuts and cream) but there are also options for the carnivores among us or for someone looking for a lighter choice. The ‘bottomless’ options are as expected but the full-on food will make this a must go.

The Pen and Pencil

Taking inspiration from the Newspaper industry and the Ad men of the city, The Pen and Pencil has all the bustle you would expect if you ever watched the show, Mad Men. It also does not work in half measures and their brunch is no exception. The Pen and Pencil keeps some of the brunch staples, like mimosa and Eggs Benedict, but also gives options for the Brunch adventurer. A special brunch cocktail is an alternative for those who are awash with prosecco and their Avocado and Feta dish is tasty and healthy!



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