Manchester’s Best Burger – Our 9 Favourites

A Good burger is a thing of beauty. Whether you prefer a dirty burger which is unapologetically bad for you (but also delicious) or a healthier alternative that marries macros with exceptional taste, then look no further. We have taken on the arduous task of trying burgers from all over the city so you don’t have to waste time eating bad burgers!

Solita Bar And Grill

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It’s what we do. #bigmanc

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Solita’s burgers are not for the faint of heart, these meaty monstrosities are here to make sure you are never hungry again. Their burger menu has some classics on it, however the Manchester specials are well worth ordering (The Big Manc -2 x chuck steak patties, Iceberg, onions, house pickles, Monterey Jack cheese & Big Manc sauce). What is really getting us going is the teasers they have been putting out on Instagram- showing no cuisine is safe from being rammed in a bun. The recently launched Bao Down Motherclucker (points for name puns) is a ‪Korean fried chicken burger, skewered with a steamed bao bun filled with Hoi sin pork belly, served with kimchi, pickled cucumber and siracha mayo. The Carbonara Burger is their take on traditional Italian with a 7 ounce steak patty, bacon, panko fried carbonara patty, fried pecorino spaghetti, egg, bacon, and carbonara sauce.

Almost Famous

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You can't beat a classic. We ❤️ River Phoenix

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Almost Famous puts the All American Dream into patties, it’s meaty, it’s unhealthy and it’s covered in cheese, but we don’t care because it is so tasty! Another meat mammoth, don’t come here if you are ‘not that hungry’, however if you want oodles of choice and a menu littered with slang, then this is your new favourite stop. The River Phoenix Burger is a firm favourite on their classic menu and with a double cheeseburger – bacon – shoestring onions – frazzles – red chilies – redneck bbq – bacon bacon mayo – smoky bacon ketchup – it is almost impossible to eat this politely. Almost Famous also has some killer specials that are worth looking out for. Recently the Pizza Sucks burger tickled our fancy with Double cheeseburger, spiced sausage patty, all the mozzarella, pepperoni & chorizo, mamas sauce and crunchy curly fries.

The Old School Bus

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Last weeks at the #DBFY social evening.

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This is not a strictly indoor venue so dress up warm and practical for something close to a Hoedown. The Old School Bus offers food that is big, brash and hearty and that includes their burgers. Names after American locations and themed accordingly, it is no surprise that the State of Texas burger looks like it may set you down a dangerous road that could end in cardiac arrest. It includes 32oz steak burger, a butterflied chicken breast, 8 smoked streaky bacon rashers, pulled pork, 4 monterey jack slices, jalapenos, tomato, onion and  northwest sauce. What can we say other than wear something with an elasticated waist.

The Bun and Bones Club

This is a place for people looking to step outside their burger comfort zone, leave behind your naive beliefs that burgers are merely meat between brioche buns, The Bun and Bones Club is here to show you the error in your ways. Even the Plain Jane Burger comes loaded where you can pick 5 extras to accompany your patties on their brioche buns. However nothing is sacred to The Bun and Bones Club, so there is a Pig Mac – a take on mac and cheese, a Tony Soprano Burger – where lasagne meets burger and (pictured above) the Glazed and Confused. Yep that is 2 beef patties, double american cheese, double bacon and ‘dirty’ sauce, crammed between two glazed doughnuts.

Archie’s Burgers and Shakes

This instantly instagrammable joint is all about staying on the pulse, and nowhere is that more apparent than their pink burger buns. That is not to say that Archie’s Burgers and Shakes is more style than substance, almost their entire menu is dedicated to the humble burger, but there is very little humble about it here.  Their classic burger menu is set to satisfy even the most puritanical burger connoisseur, but it is the star burgers that really shine. We are particularly enamoured by the Breakfast Club Burger that includes a beef patty, bacon, hash browns, a grilled egg and cheese, all sandwiched between a waffle bun. What more is there to want?


There is a place in this world where to adopt veganism is not synonymous with renouncing all fun and tasty goodness, and that place is V-Revolution. Where tasty and cruelty free fare has become normal and meat eater and herbivores can tuck in side by side. It has all one could possibly hope for from a fast food vendor but it means dietary requirements do not have to divide friends. Perfect stop to make sure everybody gets a full meal.

Handmade Burger Co.

For a high quality product and over 40 different burgers to choose from, The Handmade Burger Co combined quality with quantity. They are careful to source Scottish Beef for their famous burgers, and do a great job of making their menu accessible with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options available. For something beyond the classic beefy cheesy combo, try their exotic Hawaiian burger -Grilled pineapple, mature cheddar, bacon, mango salsa, mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion.

Viet Shack

A healthier and more exotic choice than a traditional burger (and definitely healthier than some of the less traditional options on this list) Viet Shack takes street and fusion food to the next level, and this is clear within their burger offerings. Their Lemongrass Chicken Burger combines all the flavours of vietnam within the ever comforting confines of a bun while their Cow Burger includes a juicy grilled steak burger, fresh veg and salad, vietnamese spices and shallots drizzled in their homemade sriracha mayo and chilli sauce.


Gorilla presents a classier and more grown up offering to the burger scene, proving it is not about how big, or how full your burger is. While there is a prerequisite american style burger on the menu, there are a collection of tasty choices that push the burger boundary. The Gochujang Chicken choice includes crunchy fried buttermilk chicken, gochujang sauce, furikake, ponzu dressed slaw, pickled cucumber , brioche bun and seasoned fries. While the veggie options of the Mushroom and Halloumi burger and Wild Rice and Pinto Bean are interesting enough to tempt the meat eaters.


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