Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Manchester

More and more people are choosing to save the world one steak at a time, and while some opt for plant based living to be a permanent life change, other choose to limit their lack of bacon for just a couple of months. Either way, becoming vegan makes eating out difficult, or it would have done 5 years ago.

As the trend of veganism continues to rise, so does the number of restaurants that have worked hard to accommodate them. Manchester has a bit of a foodie reputation, and even when it comes to plant based meals, the vegan restaurants in Manchester do not disappoint.

So here is our round up of the top ten, whether you want to cut down on your own meat consumption, or have a friend who is committed to living cruelty free, check them out!

Folk & Soul

The plant based piece is not an afterthought in this hip eatery, it is the entire ethos. Folk and Soul is absolutely worry free and offers a delicious range of healthy and plant based (as well as slightly less healthy) dishes that combine British pub favourites (beer battered vegetables anyone?) and exotic vegan options (steamed vegetable dumplings) in one seamless menu. It is of course, based in the Northern Quarter, where it maintains an easy, down to earth vibe, making it a great stop for a casual drink and finding like minded people, as well as a bite to eat!

The Allotment

The Allotment is a vegan restaurant in Manchester that offers everything the conscientious eater could possibly want; plant based, locally sourced, seasonal, sustainable and most importantly delicious! The Allotment takes plant based food to new heights with stunning 7 and 10 course menus, that will have any meat eater drooling! They also help to give vegan food the dignity it deserves, no longer are the veggies relegated to a mere side dish or an uninspired salad, instead The Allotment offers our vegan friends morsels like Cream of Roasted Butternut Squash, Porcini and toasted chestnuts, or for dessert,Warm Whisky Cream, Chocolate, Chilli and Hibiscus.

The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day is  a bit of a ‘Jack of all trades’ as it is also sells groceries and body care products, but that just means it is a one stop shop for all your cruelty free needs. It offers a menu to suit everyone’s diet needs from vegans, veggies and gluten intolerances. It is also reasonably priced but above all tasty and varied. The Eighth Day is a must for a guilt free breakfast to set you up for the day. They are also not precious about their recipes, so if you are chowing down and feeling inspired, you can ask for a little guidance, and then maybe pick up the ingredients, all under the same roof!

Bistrot 1847

Bistrot 1847 adds an undeniable element of class to this list and is absolutely unapologetic for putting the veggies in the front and centre. This unusual approach to upscale cuisine, along with its chic scandi interior, has confirmed 1847 as here to stay. It’s innovative menu takes traditional flavours from cuisines all over the world and shoe horns them effortlessly into their plant based ethos. For an Eastern tang, opt for battered miso halloumi, edamame and wasabi puree, soy salt, karashi, pickled pink ginger with lotus root chips. For flavours closer to home, try pomme pave, charred red onion petal, garlic chive, truffle snow, potato popcorn and charred tender-stem broccoli.

The Thirsty Scholar

This is most definitely an evening venue if you are looking for a bit of atmosphere (not that their breakfasts aren’t incredible) as it offers lots of live music nights. It has all of the well loved elements of British pub food; generous portions, reasonably priced, and just a little bit bad for you. As vegan restaurants in Manchester go, if you want a hearty and delicious, guilt free meal, then the Thirsty Scholar is where you need to visit, regularly. It also has that authentic Northern hospitality so you quickly feel like a regular who has been going there forever!


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OK so Zad’s might be pushing the definition of restaurant, but as guilt free takeaways go, Zad’s is pretty epic. Just because you have opted for a plant based diet, does not mean you can’t have a hung over Saturday where all you want to do is eat dirty food, and Zad’s fills that untapped niche. No it is not good for you, but it does taste delicious and veganism is not all salad and lentils anymore!


Vertigo is an absolute gem! As vegan restaurants in Manchester go, it is a beautiful all rounder, that offer delicious and instagrammable dishes, that are still original enough to be interesting, but not too far out that any potential plant based converts leave at the first sight of the menu. Vertigo’s breakfast menu has solidified our love for their Coconut Chia Pudding with Seasonal Berries and Hazelnuts (it may actually be an obsession). Meanwhile their lunch menu offers an incredible Persian Stew bowl. Located in The Royal Exchange Building, they are dangerously easy to find!

Earth Cafe

The Earth Cafe takes the concept of Farm to Fork and runs with it. They take seasonal local produce and their daily menu is based around what is good that day, which shows a dedication to the quality of the ingredients that we appreciate. Earth Cafe’s lunch menu can be anything, but it is all delicious and keeps you on your toes, which is a nice change from the rotation of four vegan dishes that seem to be on every other restaurant menu. Located by the Arndale Shopping Centre, it is great to pause for a pick me up smoothie as well as a snack.


Indian food is easily adapted to veganism so it is no surprise that one of manchester’s top vegan restaurants is an Indian. This is not your traditional Indian however, it is unashamedly street food (which we think makes it even better). Bundobust is also not all plant based so you have to keep an eye out for the vegan options, but unlike other restaurants, the vegan options work seamlessly with the rest of the menu, they are delicious and inspired, so it is a must try!

Go Falafel

Dare we say it, Go Falafel is the Subway of falafels. It takes all of the build your own element that we have come to demand but it is completely vegan friendly, so you can go a bit mad! It really puts lunch back on the map and helps you get excited about a miserable wednesday, the rainbow hued salad and healthy options can get your inspiration flowing and it is, as always, delicious!

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